Flat Files

Flat files are perfect for displaying art work, photography, collectibles and just about everything else while keeping them protected. 
Flat files are composed of two pieces the main body frame and the drawers. Giving you the option of choosing more than one color for you custom flat file. They are available in a variety of sizes.
Our Flat File Coffee Tables come with casters and a glass top, if you would like anything to be done different please let us know and we will make the arrangements.

Small Size Flat File

40″ Wide x 28″ Deep x 20″ Height

Standard Flat File Comes on casters and with a square Corner 1/2″ thick glass on top or with a metal top.

Extras can be added such as legs, we can also cut it to be less drawers.

Medium Size Flat File

46″ Wide x 35″ Deep x 20″ Height


The Height of this pieces can vary from 19″ to 20″ 1/2. This is because we carry and work with several brands and the frame of them comes in different sizes.

Large Size Flat File

53″ Wide x 41″ Deep x 20″ Height


Large flat files come in a couple different sizes they are usually around the above measurements but can vary an inch or so more. When ordering we will give you the exact size of the flat file if it is different from the above one.

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