Sliding Door

The Sliding door credenza has three options, glass, metal or open. The body size is the same on this piece the top can be several sizes the smallest is 60″ wide and there is no overhang. For all the other sizes the top hangs to the sides.

SizeOpenOriginal Metal
20″ x 60″$1800$2200$2400
20″ x 69″$2000$2400$2600
20″ x 78″$2200$2600$2800

Multi Credenzas

Multi piece credenzas are made of multiple pedestals and can be mix and matched to fit the needs of your office. They come in different brands and several sizes.

18″D x 76″W
20″D x 78″W
20″D x 69″W

Pieces Made out of Credenzas

Some brands have pieces that can be used seperately with the addition of their own top. For example the telephone table can be used as a printer stand, another popular one is the kneespace credenza that make great smaller desk.

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