Vintage Steel Case Refinished Tanker Desk in Blue



We work with different brands of Tanker Desk.
What we offer you is a professionally done refurbished desk.

All desk go through the same long process to achieve highest quality.
In order to kill rust and take the paint off smoothly they are burn in a oven, after we take the remaining paint of by sanding it by hand.
Doing this by hand instead of the sandblaster is so that the pressure of the sand blasting doesn’t create holes in the metal. Specially because all of this pieces
have a different age and wear, we want to prevent from causing any damage.
Once that is done we move to the paint. We use POWDER COAT for our paint for several reasons but mainly because it doesn’t have a smell to it, it dries better and faster,
It helps in the preservation of the metal, and it is kid and pet friendly.


You have the option of any color you see on the color catalog pictures. The price is by the piece so you are free to choose a combination of two colors if you like.
We also have the brush steel which blends well in just about every room and with every style.

You can also ask for the file drawer to be on the side you like.

They come with a lock and key.


This is a finish product it is already refurbished it is in a royal blue.
This is the standard size desk with 5 drawers and a center drawer.


30″ deep by 60″ length and 28″ tall when the legs are not raised they can go up to 30″


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