Retro Basket Locker – vintage steel baskets




Great for small spaces this are sturdy and durable Basket lockers.
Basket Lockers where originally used in gyms for shoes. They have holes on them to let the air in and the shoes breath.
This are now very popular for kids rooms and as night stands or for storage around the house.

This are sturdy and high quality plus they are powder coated which helps if they are going to be handled around kids and pets because they
don’t chip or scratch easily.

This are original pieces and have been around for quite a while, so there are signs of wear on them. We do our best to pick out the best ones for our customers.

You can customize this in any color you like we have a wide range of colors to choose, as well as a quick delivery time. Most orders take around 7 days.

This is a three basket tall on legs
The body is in a Baby Blue
Baskets can be any color you like right now it has three multi color baskets. Feel free to message me if you like to change the color of the baskets to any other ones.


35″ tall by 13″ wide by 14″ deep



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