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SteelSantos is a family owned and runned business that specializes in vintage steel office furniture. We carry anything from desk, lockers, chairs, credenzas, bookcases, to trash cans all orginal pieces from McDowell & Craig, Allsteel, and other big names! We have been in the business of refurbishment for the past six years. We strive to bring you a piece of hisory with a new look. Santos has worked 15 years in other companies doing refurbishment and now he provides only the best for his customers. Our furniture is painted inside and out, we take everything apart and paint it piece by piece. To ensure the best quality we only use powder coating on our furniture. This helps protect furniture from rust, scratches, color fade, odor, and from having paint chip off. Making it ideal for homes with children and pets. We haven't had any of our items returned our costumers are always satisfied! We hope we can provide you with your own unique piece to bring some history and fashionable furniture into your home or office.
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